Based in New York, Kapisanan (Filipino for “clan”) is an organized crime network that employs a bureaucratic model of organization.

Founded by the man now known only as Pinuno, Kapisanan began as a drug cartel in 2012. As the trade blossomed, Pinuno began contracting various gangs who occupied the city. As he proceeded to structure them into a rigid hierarchy, he also proceeded to expand his repertoire of products: from marijuana to heroin, then to meth and temazepam. Thirteen

Rumored to be a Neo-Sapien, Pinuno (Filipino for “leader”) is the man who founded Kapisanan. Many in his organization have never seen his face: indeed, there are only a few trusted captains in his army that have actually met Pinuno. Those who have met him have also met his bodyguard Tahimik, whom he is never far from. He coordinates his syndicate by sending communications to his lieutenants through his right-hand men, Dyad and Maalik.

Contracted Gangs
Several gangs are incorporated under the Kapisanan banner. Their leaders answer to Dyad and receive their orders through him.

  • Kings of New York
    • Rick Gonzales: Leader of the Kings of New York.
    • Samson Morales: Gonzales’ nephew, Samson was a Neo-Sapien whose powers allowed him to increase his body’s density.


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