Department of SPB Affairs

The Department of SPB Affairs (DSPBA) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Established on September 8, 1971 and headquartered in New York City, DSPBA is concerned with policing super-powered beings and investigating incidents purported to have a super-powered element.

It is the duty of the DSPBA to investigate any incident wherein super-powered activity is suspected to be involved. Their jurisdiction includes any incident involving a Nephilim, Neo-Sapien, Esper, Aesir or that contains any supernatural element, such as arcana. Depending on the results of their investigation, further handling of the incident may be delegated to local or federal officers or a super-powered team such as the Vindicators or the Illuminati.

It is the duty of the DSPBA to manage the Vindicators: the department approves proposed membership to each branch of the team, sees to the needs of each team and the individuals who compose each team, coordinate them in the event of a super-powered attack and conduct clean up after any such entanglement.

Further, it falls on the shoulders of the DSPBA to manage the New Vindicators Academy, a global campus of super-powered teenagers. Typically, each campus is governed by an administrator who sees to the day-to-day function of the school, appoints faculty members and oversees the school’s budget. Each school’s governor answers directly to the DSPBA.

The Department of SPB Affairs is overseen by the director, recommended by the Security Counsel and elected by the General Assembly for a term of four years.

  • General Hampton Sidell (1971-1979): Though elected for two terms, Russia vetoed his appointment of the position for a third term. Historians speculate it was due to an unpopular decision Sidell made in regards to dealing with the nation of Moksha.
  • Conner Kline (1979-1991): A senator from Ohio, Kline served two terms before retiring.
  • Laurentine Lefevre (1991-2001): Originally the French ambassador to Ghana, two years into his third term, Lefevre died of a heart attack at age 48.
  • Colonel Jon “Crowbar” Sidell (2001-2017): An American soldier whose frequent encounters with the Vindicators VII, his good working relationship with the team helped him to climb the ladder. When his predecessor unexpectedly died of heart failure in late 2001, Sidell found himself elected to finish the man’s term and the three terms that followed before he retired in 2016.
  • Doctor Bethany Fischer (2017-Present): Originally a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Doctor Fischer accepted the role of director and was transferred to the Department of SPB Affairs.

Further, the DSPBA promotes a deputy-director whose prime duty is to help manage the administrative responsibilities of the department.

DSPBA Task Force
A task force operates covertly under the direction of the DSPBA, to investigate incidents that fall into the department’s jurisdiction. On occasion, the task force has been forced to investigate individual members of the Vindicators.

Department of SPB Affairs

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