NEW VINDICATORS: tabula rasa #1

As a new year began at the New Vindicators Academy of America, several new students found themselves entering a brand new world…

  • Cyndi Brightman, a well-off Neo-Sapien able to manifest a sphere of darkness around her and siphon the lifeforce of those she touches.
  • John Saxon, a St. Louis native capable of increasing his size.
  • Dirk Wolfrum, a straight-laced youth gifted with an elastic body.
  • Eric Vaughn, a practical joker from California whose ability allows him to manipulate spatial topography.
  • Derryl Isaacson, an accomplished pianist with a penchant for manipulating sound.
  • Matt Baker, a plasma-wielding vagrant with a gift for painting.
  • Gene Stephenson, the product of a decommissioned project to genetically engineer the perfect soldier.

Not long after their arrival, the new students adjourned to the Wreck Room. Here, they met several other new students: Aisha Stein, Ken Porter, Regina Sway and Sarah Manther. When Cyndi began to verbally assault Sarah, Regina stepped, only for the brawl between the two girls to be interrupted by the arrival of Headmaster Himura.

Upon learning that they would be rooming two to a dorm, John and Dirk elected to room together with Derryl and Eric choosing to be roommates; Gene was left on his own as Ken and Matt opted to share a room while Regina and Sarah moved in together. Left with Aisha, Cyndi proceeded to protest having to have a roommate.

While protesting the school’s rules, Cyndi met one of the sophomores, the weather-manipulating Jim Loder. Jim’s friends, meanwhile, met some of the other newcomers: though Abe Chobanian, Greg Foster, Remington Eastman and Captain Billy took well to Gene, they quickly clashed with roommates Daryl and Eric. While the freshman’s attempts to befuddle their upperclassman worked on most of them, Abe saw through Eric’s pranks and showed himself capable of utilizing the same abilities, giving birth to a rivalry…

While John became acquainted with Dirk, Matt learned Ken’s goal: the complete and utter destruction of his father…

After a call from her father (and the promise of a Scottish castle being moved to the family’s private island), Cyndi finally rescinded her protest and began to attend classes. Before the first week could conclude, Eric learned that one of his teachers had died: Missus Addison Jenkins…



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