Unresolved Plot Points

tabula rasa #1

  • Who killed Missus Jenkins?

tabula rasa #2

  • Who was the mysterious man Derryl met in the Jenkins’ apartment?
  • What energy effects Ebb in his insubstantial state?
  • Why did Ebb retreat when Headmaster Himura joined the battle?

tabula rasa #4

  • How did a boa constrictor get into Nabidh’s cell, and why did it kill him?

tabula rasa #5

  • Why was Simulacrum muttering “I wasn’t strong enough…” and “Her death was in vain…” in a melancholy voice?

tabula rasa #7

  • Who is Radical Tomato?

tabula rasa #8

  • How did Deputy-Director Thomas asphyxiate in the middle of his apartment?
  • If Radical Tomato is a vigilante, why form a team of super-villains?

tabula rasa #10

  • Who is Shadow Wing?
  • How did a rattlesnake get into Verity’s cell, and why did it kill him?

tabula rasa #11

  • Was the earthquake natural?
  • Why didn’t Ebb come back for Henbane when he returned to recruit Breeze?
  • How did a King Cobra get into Henbane’s cell, and why?

Unresolved Plot Points

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