The Society Scelerati

The Society Scelerati are a group of super-villains in the tabula rasa universe who began to band together in NEW VINDICATORS: tabula rasa #7. The group appears bound together by a mutual need of allies and a desire to claim revenge on one or more students at the New Vindicators Academy.


Following the New Vindicators’ triumph over Eduardo Palacio, Ebb and Henbane respectively responded to summons by Radical Tomato. The pair met in a warehouse where the only feature was a laptop bearing the Radical Tomato’s signature, a smashed tomato. An electronically garbled voice proposed an alliance and then requested the pair liberate the recently incarcerated model…


  • Ebb: A drug dealer from Los Angeles and Aisha Stein’s ex-boyfriend, Ebb is a Neo-Sapien with the ability to corrode matter—including his own body. When Ebb’s initial play to get his girlfriend back failed, he attempted to make a foothold in New York’s criminal world, only for the New Guys to violently thwart him. He joined the Society Scelerati seeking revenge against Eric, Derryl, Matt and Gene and aid in taking back Aisha.
  • Goo: Once a world-renown model, the question of Dirk Wolfram’s paternity caused Eduardo Palacio to fly into a rage in the streets of uptown Manhattan. Outting himself as a Neo-Sapien equipped with putty powers, Eduardo tussled with the New Vindicators and was brought down. Not long after police took him into custody, Ebb and Henbane arrived to offer him a chance at a new life…
  • Henbane: A product of Project Ascension and agent of Quiver, the New Vindicators brought Henbane and her teacher, Nabidh, to justice. Thanks to Gene’s manipulation, Henbane left with Captain Webb rather than prison. Knowing the penalty their masters would give them, Henbane escaped from Captain Webb and went on the run. After fighting off one of Quiver’s assassins, she accepted that came from joining the Society Scelerati.
  • Radical Tomato: A grey-hat hacker and internet vigilante, Radical Tomato attempted to bring Eric Vaughn to justice, only to find his status as a student of the New Vindicators Academy afforded him the legal protection of the United Nations. In order to defeat Eric, the hacker founded the Society Scelerati.

The Society Scelerati

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