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The world is protected by several branches of the Vindicators, each one governing a different global district. The United States, for instance, is protected by two different teams of Vindicators. Similarly, several other teams exist throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania.

  • Vindicators East: Based in New York, this team is led by Lodestone and consists of Blitzkrieg, Orbit, Oxidane, Prism, Simulacrum and Torrent.
  • Vindicators West: Led by Solar Flare, the line up of Caliber, Current, Anomaly, Bulwark, Rumble and Tripper is based out of San Francisco.
  • Vindicators (Africa): Magnitude (leader), Manticore, Mutt, Niloticus, the Rhino, Warder
  • Vindicators (London Branch): Backlash, Falkenburg (leader), Fey, Hubris, Kiln, Pict, Quintessence
  • Vindicators (Moscow Branch): Dinamo, Pogrom, Wilt (leader)
  • Vindicators (Sydney Branch): Didgeridoo (leader)
  • Vindicators (Tokyo Branch): Arthropod, The Rising Sun (leader), Sclera, Tsubasa
  • Vindicators (Vienna Branch): Fach, Felsic, Fiore (leader), Fluxx, Rheid, Ursa

New Vindicators Training Squads

The New Vindicators are divided into several four-man teams. Each team is responsible for electing their own leader and naming themselves.


  • Eclipse: A terrorist group founded on Nihilistic principles.
  • Kapisanan: An organized crime syndicate based in New York.
  • Quiver: A consortium of mercenaries and assassins.
  • The Society Scelerati: An affiliation of villains seeking revenge on the New Vindicators.

Tabula Rasa Bible

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