Quiver is a clandestine organization of mercenaries that exists in OUBLIETTE: tabula rasa.


The New Vindicators first encountered one of Quiver’s serpents when one of their agents, Henbane, was hired by Kapisanan to kidnap a student.

Known Members

At present, very little is known about Quiver’s hierarchy. Thus far, the organization’s known roster is as follows:

  • Henbane: Also known as Ascend:08 and Dina Freeman, Henbane is the product of Project Ascension, an experiment that sought to produce genetically-augmented combatants who would safeguard humanity from Neo-Sapiens. Ascend:08 was dispatched on an assassination mission prior to the United Nations’ Secretary of Defense’ shutting it down and has since gone rogue…
  • Jeddart: An enigmatic assassin renown for his skill with polearms (particularly the Scottish jeddart staff), even this killer’s face is unknown.
  • Nabidh: An expert in poisons, Nabidh brought Henbane into Quiver as his apprentice. However, after the pair failed to abduct Cindi Brightman on the behalf of Kapisanan, Nabidh was apprehended by local law enforcement and killed in his cell by a boa constrictor.
  • Verity: Formerly a member of the Israeli Defense Forces, Verity was an expert marksman who went rogue. After a failed attempt on the DA’s life, Verity was brought down by Matt Baker. While in custody, he was killed by a rattlesnake in his cell.


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