New Vindicators Uniform


+2 Toughness
Immunity 2 (Cold and Hot Environments)


Fashioned from Kevlar, the traditional uniform of the New Vindicators Academy is highly durable. Predominantly black, the chest is slashed with a white ‘V’ that dips down from both shoulders. The standard uniform comes with gloves, boots and a belt, although any of these accessories can easily be kept apart from the whole.

Students have been known to make variations in the uniform, ranging from taking the long sleeves down to short sleeves (or even rendering the uniform sleeveless in some situations), to modifying the legs to act as shorts or even a skirt.

In the field, some students have taken to wearing a small earpiece communicator. Others have found it useful to also wear a GPS transmitter hemmed into the uniform—allowing their allies to locate them in the event that they are incapacitated and unable to report their position.

New Vindicators Uniform

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