Ken Porter


Biography: Once upon a time, Connor Crete realized that other people had a tendency to die. Suddenly concerned for the Aurelius’ well-being (and the future of his post), Connor decided that it was up to him to keep the Aurelii bloodline alive. Aware of his place on the family tree, he concluded that any child of his would also be a part of the Aurelli bloodline and thus, able to take on the mantle of the Aurelius.

And that is why Connor adopted a Chinese baby…

Naming the child Plbbbfffffttttttt Token Teleporter Crete, Connor hired a staff of nannies to see to raising the child. Connor met with his son twice each year: one the day he designated as the boy’s birthday and on Kwanza (because the Chinese don’t celebrate Christmas). When Plbbbfffffttttttt was old enough to go to school, Connor shipped him off to the Aurelius with a note that said, “Teach me!” and, sighing numerous times, the Aurelius began to do just that.

However, when Plbbbfffffttttttt cast his first spell, it was from the school of transmutation—rather than conjuration. The Aurelius tried to explain to his student’s father that without an affinity for conjuration, Plbbbfffffttttttt would never be able to cast the teleportation spell Bulwark insisted every team of Vindicators needed. Bulwark insisted that, as his son, the boy was an Aurelii and could master any spell.

Still, the Aurelius continued to train the child (who would never teleport) out of pity. It was when the boy saw his master cast a transmutation spell that the Master Mage witnessed the first smile he’d ever seen the child wear: the boy was excited to see a rock-to-mud spell cast and seemed unusually eager to learn to cast it…

When he came of age, Plbbbfffffttttttt (or “Ken Porter”—short for “Token Teleporter”, as he prefers to be called) left the Aurelius to enroll at the New Vindicators Academy of America. He is hardly shy about his only ambition in life: becoming strong enough to forever destroy his immortal father—the man who ruined his life: Bulwark.

Ken Porter

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