Real Name: Ascend:08
Aliases: Dina Freeman
Group Affiliations: Project Ascension (formerly), Quiver
Height / Weight: 5’3" / 106 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Brown / Green
Place of Birth: El Cazador, Mojave Desert
First Appearance: NEW VINDICATORS: tabula rasa #4

Relationships: Stephen Noman, Doctor Roland Flint (creator), Captain Jack Webb (“father”), Gene Stephenson (“brother”), Nabidh (mentor; deceased)

Biography: The product of Project Ascension, an experiment that sought to produce genetically-augmented combatants who would safeguard humanity from Neo-Sapiens, Ascend:08 was dispatched on an assassination mission prior to the program being shut down by the United Nations’ Secretary of Defense. Never recovered, she went rogue and vanished…

In her wandering, she took up the name Dina Freeman and began to accept small contracts. On one such job, she crossed paths with Nabidh, an assassin who employed potions to kill his targets. An agent of Quiver, Nabidh brought Dina into the organization as his apprentice. Naming her Henbane, he began to teach her how to use drugs to accomplish her missions.

Together, Nabidh and Henbane accepted a job from Pinuno, the leader of the Kapisanan crime family, to kidnap Cindi Brightman. Unbeknownst to Henbane, Cindi, a student of the New Vindicators Academy, counted another product of Project Ascension as her classmate: Ascend:09, now known as Gene Stevenson and the closest thing Henbane has to family.


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