Gene Stephenson

A product of a failed experiment, now he finds himself in a world he doesn't understand.


“Project Ascension” was the brainchild of U.N. Agent Stephen Noman who contracted the relatively distrusted genius of Dr. Roland Flint to jumpstart the experiment. Noman’s plan was to ensure humanity’s safety from Neo-Sapiens by creating genetically altered beings on par with the world’s most dangerous SPBs. The US Army took great interest in the idea and sponsored the project, basing it at the El Cazador military installation located in the Mojave Desert. The project would later be overseen by Captain Lucas Webb, who was himself classified Neo-Sapiens.

Flint created seven initial test subjects; Noman put them through their paces. While the genetic alteration was an immense success, they began to see flaws in their design. Namely, the test subjects’ free will exerted itself more and more as their training continued. They began to question why they were training, and most importantly, why they existed. Finally, after Noman was attacked by several of the subjects, narrowly escaping injury, he ordered the first wave of subjects terminated.

Flint focused his efforts on two subjects this time, assuring Noman and Webb that free will would no longer be an issue. Ascend:08 and Ascend:09 passed field testing and were sent on a few “trial run” missions focused on eliminating major threats to national safety around the world. Ascend:09 returned successfully, Ascend:08 did not.

Before a full inquiry could be made, Ascension project found itself examined by the Secretary of Defense. He had been informed of the project’s existence by a soldier concerned with moral implications. Fearing the ethics hearings tossed at their administration, the SecDef ordered El Cazador locked down, and the project permanently ended. Flint had only time to create two test subjects. With Ascend:08 missing, presumed dead, the issue of what to do with Ascend:09 became an issue of contention. Noman and Webb wanted to terminate him, but Flint was more curious about his potential as he developed. Eventually the SecDef granted Flint the right to release him. After dubbing the boy “Gene Stephenson” Flint passed him onto fellow genius Jason Lamperouge, who suggested the best course of action would be to send him to the New Vindicators academy to help integrate him into society.

Now, Gene is at the academy, still learning the ropes of being a normal person. From afar, many eyes are still on him, some friendly, some decidedly hostile.


Obsession: Defeating Ebb

Quirk: Doesn’t understand emotions

Gene Stephenson

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