tabula rasa: PROLOGUE

Nineteen years ago, everything changed…

It was 2006: spring was giving way to summer. Love was in the air. A young man named Adonis Skraag manifested his Neo-Sapien abilities and inadvertently enthralled his dream girl. Adonis and the young woman skipped school and spent the day holding hands, exchanging lingering looks, stealing kisses. Before the night was over, the two made love and the next morning, her father found them together in bed, wearing nothing but the covers…

Chienne was the daughter of Forrest Bedford, founder of the Church of Genetic Purity—a religious organization who stood as the most vocal opponent of the Neo-Sapien race. As the man raged, Adonis moved to make his escape… Forrest Bedford left the room, only to return with a shotgun left to him by his father.

The first blast was intercepted by Chienne, who had been turned into a zealous follower of Adonis, thanks to his abilities. Seeing his baby girl slain only emboldened the man more: he pulled the trigger again and ended the life of Adonis Skraag.

The trial went on for eight months before a verdict was finally reached: Forrest Bedford was found guilty of the double murder and sentences to serve back-to-back life sentences without the possibility of parole.

The landmark case changed everything. While a conflict of interests prevented Bedford’s attorney-turned-senator spouse, Amy, from joining the prosecution, it’s widely believed that she played a part in convicting the man. The death of her daughter acted as the catalyst the woman needed to change her platform; in 2008, she successfully sought the presidency and was reelected in 2012. Though the United States had suffered attacks at the hands of Neo-Sapiens during her tenure, President Bedford was able to enact several bills that supported the Neo-Sapien race: many claim that it is thanks to Senator Bedford that it is illegal to discriminate against a person’s genetic status.

While some still despise, distrust and even fear Neo-Sapiens, today they are the minority. Today, the year is 2025 and a new semester is beginning at the New Vindicators Academy…



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