NEW VINDICATORS: tabula rasa #6

Proctoring their next Wreck Room session, Mister Higgins announced that one representative from each of the ten teams would compete to see who could reach the top of a mountain first. Once selected, the group learned about a twist thrown into the competition: they would not be allowed to use their powers during the ordeal…

Ultimately, Eric and John found themselves competing against Marlon, Drew, Luke, Ham, Isabella, Sarah, Josie and Abe. Midway up the mountain, Abe attempted to deter Eric and John by attacking them—even managing to incapacitate John. As he struggled to pull Eric down from the precipice, John was raised from unconsciousness by Josie and able to return to scaling the cliff.

Ultimately, Isabella conquered the mountain first, nabbing the first win for her team. Eric, Josie and John arrived within moments of each other, with the others plodding along. Ultimately, Ham, of the Iridescent Wombats, came in last place—unable to even make it off the ground.

  • Team Whatever (+10): 24 points
  • The New Guys (+9): 46 points
  • Jolly Ranchers (+9): 40 points
  • The Sheroes (+9): 32 points
  • Vanguard (+6): 40 points
  • Team Loder (+6): 24 points
  • Aegis Squadron (+4): 40 points
  • The Edge (+3): 27 points
  • The Number Four (+2): 20 points
  • Iridescent Wombats (+1): 26 points

Matt, troubled over the recent news of homeless people being horrifically massacred in the night, recruited Eric, Derryl and Gene in investigating the deaths. After talking to Tattoo Joe, an acquaintance of Matt’s from his days on the street, the New Guys learned of a possible connection between the slain: they may have been buying Sudafed on the behalf of Ebb

Meanwhile, Cyndi and Miles fixed their roommates up. When Aisha began to talk about her ex-boyfriend, Cyndi used her affluence to secure sake for the table and learned that neither Aisha nor Marlon sported much in the way of alcohol tolerance.

The Benihana was soon under attack, however: the entrance of Sal “Sandals” Salvati, one of the higher-ups in the D’Amato family, sparked several of the diners to rise up and draw machine guns. Sandals spoke to Cyndi then, revealing that he was under orders from Kapisanan to take her at all cost. Surrender was the only way to ensure that the restaurants’ other patrons would survive.

A drunken Marlon reacted to the threat by grabbing Aisha and teleporting back to the school, triggering Sandals to give the order to attack. Before anyone could pull the trigger, those seated at a table in the back rose up and drew their own weapons. Members of a local Yakuza that had resisted being assimilated into Kapisanan, the Japanese men provided Cyndi and Miles the distraction they needed to escape…

As the D’Amato family went down to the Yakuza, Ebb appeared, looking for Aisha. The man killed Sandals and proceeded to enter into a partnership with the Yazuka to take down Kapisanan.

John’s plans to introduce Dirk to the Rocky Horror Picture Show were dashed when Suzette told the New Jersey native what the film contained. Ultimately, John left with Kim for a night on the town while Dirk and Suzette left to get some dinner on their own—at Benihana. At the scene they watched as several bodies were carried out and spotted Ebb watching from the crowd.

The New Guys, armed with the knowledge that Ebb was somehow involved in the killings they were investigating, unsuccessfully tried to rally the Jolly Ranchers to their side. They ambushed Ebb as he attempted to get the bums to safety. In his attempt to make meth, Ebb had hired the homeless as smurfs, individuals who buy Sudofed decongestants. In doing so, he crossed into Kapisanan’s territory and the mafia began slaying those who aided the upstart.

While Dyan and Maalik began to attack the bums outside, the New Guys got the drop on Ebb and employed his arachnophobia to keep him from turning intangible. Gene proceeded to unleash a barrage of blows that ended only when the young men moved to help Matt outside.

Matt too had given himself to violent impulses: he mercilessly beat Maalik in the air before throwing him to the street. Giving Dyan the option to fight or flight, Matt watched as the apathetic man casually left to retrieve Maalik’s broken body…

Back at the school, Miles found Aisha asleep in his room, and left to tell Cyndi where her roommate was. Cyndi elected to leave Aisha there, with Marlon, and invited Miles to take Aisha’s bed, and spend the night in her room.



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