NEW VINDICATORS: tabula rasa #4

Deciding Aisha’s wardrobe was in dire need of rescue, Cyndi took her roommate to the mall where they ran into Miles Lancaster and Marlon Winter. After flirting with her, Miles worked up the nerve to ask Cyndi. His euphoria at her saying yes was short-lived as the group soon spotted a group of thugs seemingly waiting in the parking lot for Cyndi. One escape later and the situation was forgotten…

The next morning, Eric, Derryl and Matt ran into Captain Webb in the halls. The encounter brought some of Gene’s background into question—questions that were put off for the week’s Wreck Room exercise.

Each team was pitted against a Sentry and scored on how long it took them to render the robot nonoperational. Ultimately, the Jolly Ranchers won the day when John Saxon destroyed the machine in only six seconds.

  • Jolly Ranchers (6 seconds, +10 points): 20 points
  • Iridescent Wombats (12 seconds, +9 points): 19 points
  • The New Guys (12 seconds, +9 points): 19 points
  • Aegis Squadron (18 seconds, +7 points): 17 points
  • Vanguard (18 seconds, +7 points): 17 points
  • The Sheroes (30 seconds, +4 points): 14 points
  • The Edge (36 seconds, +3 points): 13 points
  • The Number Four (42 seconds, +2 points): 12 points
  • Team Whatever (3 minutes, +1 point): 11 points
  • Team Loder (24 seconds, +5 points): 5 points

Later that evening, Miles and Cyndi’s date was interrupted by the same guys from the mall. With Cyndi simultaneously blinding the thugs and augmenting Miles’ darkforce binds, the couple were able to extract the men’s intentions: abduct the young woman on the behest of Kapisanan and ransom her to her father.

Returning to the school meant a return to normalcy: classes again picked up and the incident was soon behind them as another weekend arrived. For this exercise, each time was tasked with running through a series of random rooms. Clearing the trials seconds ahead of the previous week’s victors, the New Guys found themselves tying with the Jolly Ranchers on the board for overall points.

As several students (and the majority of the teachers) began to come down with flu-like symptoms, Matt tried to warn Miles about Jim Loder (only for Miles to proceed to start rumors about Jim’s sexuality) while Dirk and Suzette defined their relationship. At breakfast the next morning, several students slumped over their food. When Suzette slipped into a deep sleep and Dirk began to hallucinate, John assessed that the campus had come under attack and moved to seek help. As he ran, two agents of Quiver, Nabidh and Henbane, were able to incapacitate Cyndi and abduct her from the school.

Gene, however, recognized Henbane as his female counterpart and was ultimately forced to come clean about his origins: he and Henbane had been genetically engineered to act as super soldiers who could defend mankind from rogue superhumans. Henbane, however, had been away on an assignment when the project had closed down; by Gene’s reckoning, she had falling in with a criminal element and was now using the skills they were created with for evil.

John rallied together those who hadn’t been drugged by the poison masters: Aisha, Eric, Derryl, Gene, Matt and Miles joined him in locating the missing girl and attacking her kidnappers. With Henbane on their side, however, the New Vindicators were soon defeated save one: Gene and Henbane fought and a surge of adrenaline allowed for the brother to best his sister.

Among those apprehend were crime boss Rick Gonzales, his Neo-Sapien nephew Sampson Morales, Nabidh and Henbane. Gene, however, failed to hand Henbane over to the authorities and instead entrusted her to the care of Captain Webb, with the hope that she could be rehabilitated and might one day be able to pursue a normal life, as he now does.

Unbeknownst to the New Vindicators, however, a boa constrictor slipped into the holding cell where Nabidh was being kept, killed him, and then departed…



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