NEW VINDICATORS: tabula rasa #3

Weeks passed since Missus Jenkins’ mysterious death and Ebb’s attempt to remove Aisha from the school. Classes resumed and normalcy followed suit. While things continued to blossom between John and Kim, Dirk and Suzette, Cyndi proceeded to give Jim the cold shoulder (following his request that she get him some coffee) and Aisha began avoiding Matt.

One Friday, the student body found the afternoon round of classes canceled to make way for an assembly in the Wreck Room. There, the rookie students were outfitted with a uniform and sorted into a trio of four-man teams…

  • The New Guys: Led by Gene Stephenson, the New Guys consist of Matt Baker, Daryl Isaacson and Eric Vaughn.
  • The Number Four: Heidi Lancaster, Sarah Manther and Ken Porter elected Regina Sway as their leader.
  • Jolly Ranchers: Dirk Wolfrum leads Cindi Brightman, John Saxon and Aisha Tyler.

After choosing lots, each of the teams entered a labyrinth through ten different entrances, all with the same objective: be the first team to make it to the center with at least five of the thirty keys hidden in rooms scattered across the maze.

Each room had it’s own obstacle to overcome and, after grabbing a key Dirk Wolfrum was reaching for, the New Guys had five. Before they could claim victory, however, they were ambushed by Abe Chobanian who used his spatial-warping abilities to banished Matt to a locked room where several others helplessly rested. As the rules hinted that an entire team was needed to secure victory, Abe had been positioned at the finish line to disrupt anyone looking to beat Team Loder.

A battle ensured and the remaining three members of the New Guys were able to force Abe to retreat… and leave them scratching their heads as to how to locate Matt.

Meanwhile, the Jolly Ranchers ran into the Edge and a battle immediately broke out. Hardly hindered by Cyndi’s cloud of darkness, Marlon managed to incapacitate Aisha and abscond the unconscious girl. Initially reluctant to fight them, Miles Lancaster turned on his own leader when Remington Eastman began to threaten Dirk’s life. Binding him with shadows, Miles told Marlon to return Aisha to the group and urged them to go.

Ultimately, the Jolly Ranchers arrived to find the remaining members of the New Guys scratching their heads to figure out how to find Matt. Unwilling to let Team Loder take the victory, the New Guys gave the Jolly Ranchers their keys and claim victory.

After reviewing each team’s performances, the headmaster ruled that everyone but Team Loder had won and bestowed the prize on everyone: a private party at a pizzeria/arcade where the faculty acted as the wait staff.

The next morning, Eric proposed shuttling the students to a beach in California. Enamored with his ability to instantly go anywhere, Heidi Lancaster threw herself at Eric. Cyndi, meanwhile, proceeded to further coach Aisha on how to make Matt interested in her.

Back at the school, Gene discovered Miles’ unconscious body lying on the quad, naked, bruised and frostbitten. Later, when Eric and Heidi briefly returned in search of materials for s’mores, Gene told the pair of the discovery, oblivious that Heidi was Miles’ younger sister. Seeing a chance to break free from the clingy young girl, Eric returned to the beach. There, Matt was using his powers to fashion glass ornaments out of the sand; John and Kim had slipped away to makeout; Dirk and Josie Loder began singing campfire songs and telling ghost stories.

Eventually, the beach was cleaned up and the students returned to the school. Thinking to check up on the Lancaster’s, Eric found Abe comforting a sorrowful Heidi…



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