oubliette: ü-blE-’et (n), 1. a dungeon with an opening only at the top; 2. French, from oublier- “to forget”; 3. a campaign universe full of strife.

Welcome to Oubliette, a campaign universe similar to our own, save for the existence of Super-Powered Beings. These SPBs are men and women capable of performing acts normal humans could only dream of. They can fly, walk through walls or breathe fire. Some can lift staggering weights or are nigh-invulnerable, possessing bulletproof skin. An overwhelming majority of these people are Neo-Sapiens. The general public is relatively unaware of where Neo-Sapiens come from, save that they can be born into humanity and are often indistinguishable from normal humans.

Because of the potential each SPB possesses, humanity often views these unique people as threats. Regardless of the source of their abilities, SPBs are often persecuted or worse. Many people believe such actions are justified, given that the many SPBs have decided to utilize their gifts to usher in an age of chaos and fear. Still, for as long as mankind has trembled before such powers the world has been protected by brave souls who stand for justice.

Oubliette is a campaign setting that serves as home to several games that utilize Mutants & Masterminds (primarily Second Edition rules, but some satellite games have employed Third Edition).


  • New Vindicators: a tabletop game that focuses on the students and faculty of the New Vindicators Academy of America, a school for super-powered teens in New York City
  • Illuminati: focusing on a clandestine group of heroes who work behind the scenes to defend the world from supernatural threats, this table top game is set in San Francisco
  • The Affiliation: a tabletop game focusing on a group of anti-heroes
  • New Vindicators Academy of Europe: set at the NVA’s sister school in Vienna, this play-by-post game focuses on the students and faculty
  • Tabula Rasa: a tabletop game set in an alternate future of the New Vindicators Academy of America
  • Infinite New Vindicators:

House Rules